Emanuela Corazziari


Emanuela Corazziari, was born in Rome in 1969. From when she was young she displayed a curiosity in everything digital and lived through the home computing evolution, learning the logic of computer languages using increasingly sophisticated computers.

She attended the faculty of Economics and Business at the Sapienza University of Rome and graduated in 1995 with an experimental thesis on legal computing. She entered the world of computer systems in 1997 and was involved in manufacturing and logistics related business processes. She was employed by SAP Italia S.p.A. in 2007, where she still works in systems support as Technical Quality Manager. As well as being an applications expert in business management systems, in 2013 she obtained the internal qualification of Enterprise Gamification Trainer, following a course held by Mario Herger, guru of Enterprise Gamification.

She thus legitimised a passion that she had been pursuing for some time, becoming part of an international working group. Among her duties in this field are the running of workshops, supporting working groups, and internal and external communications.